Indoor Plants and Fresh Flowers at Your Office: Is It Only About Beauty?

Most of us dream of having a job that doesn’t require us being in an office for about 7 hours in a day, 5 days a week. But as they say, some dreams are supposed to be only dreams. Or at least until we’re professional enough or rich enough to leave it all behind and create our own rules. But that’s a different topic. We’re going to talk about indoor plants and fresh flowers at your office and why they are so important.

What I’m trying to say, is that, if we’re going to spend the majority of our time in the office, we at least have to make that time enjoyable. Having a foosball table, puffy couches and free snacks is one way. Having fresh flowers and indoor plants is another. Some might think it’s only about beauty: we admire the flowers and they make us calmer. But there are other reason why having flowers in the office is important. Let’s get to it.

How flowers impact your health

Turns out, that indoor plants remove about 87% of air toxins in approximately 24 hours.

And with all those computers around you, soaking all the clean air, this is something to think about, right? Another interesting fact about indoor plants, is that they create a humidity level that matches the recommended human comfort range of 30-60%. Think about your skin, don’t you love when the humidity hits and you can feel your skin getting smoother every minute. Well, I might be exaggerating here a bit, but you know what I mean.

These are just some statistics to show you how important it is to have plant and fresh flowers at your office. And let’s not forget about our emotional health. Most of the times, it’s way easier to take care of your physical health.


fresh flowers at the office


What goes on in our mind and our soul is a bit difficult to control. But don’t you remember, when you go to the countryside, where the trees are higher than the small wooden houses, where you can actually hear what the birds are singing, and where a breeze of calmness hits you so soft you simply want to smile? We all need that connection with nature. And sometimes, when we’re too caught up with our own lives, our work and everything else, we forget about the things that actually matter. But having those tiny flowers combined with some plants will keep a little nature in your everyday life.

How flowers impact your brain

Statistics show that people who work in an office where there are plants and flowers generate about 15% more ideas. And let’s be honest, it’s a huge percentage. After a while, everyone may lose their motivation to work, get stuck in a loop and have creative blocks. But turns out, getting those creative thoughts rush in your brain is as simple as a field of daisies.

But that is not all. Another thing that flowers at the office make better is the absenteeism of employees. Moreover, flowers in the office reduce absenteeism from 15% to 5%. Wow, right? I bet you want those amazing fresh flower bouquets in your office now.

How flowers impact your mood

You probably have heard this a couple of times from your mother or maybe even grandmother: flowers make you feel happy. And it sounds so silly, right? Not so silly when you actually feel its power. In fact, it’s not only happiness that we feel when around flowers. When receiving them we experience reactions of surprise and gratitude, which are the best ones for a lift of mood.


fresh flowers at the office

Fresh flowers at your office

Another interesting thing: according to a research, flowers have a long-term positive effect on your mood. People say that they feel less depressed and anxious after they receive flowers. And if you want to create healthier and stronger relationships with your employees and co-workers, you should gift them indoor plants and flowers. It isn’t magic, but it works.

Besides, think about all your client meetings and receptions: they usually go tense. But you can make them more enjoyable and take off the pressure with fresh flower arrangements. So now you just have to have those fresh flowers at your office.

Think that you need these benefits of flowers in your life? Get yourself some plants. And if you think a friend is in need of those, find out which fit them perfectly, send them some beautiful ones!

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