Just a Welcome Letter


Follow your dream. We hear it all the time. I heard it many times. Eventually I heard it enough times to start following mine. Flowers. The Flowerful Project is the story of me following my dream and you helping my dream come true.

How it all started.
More than two years ago I got my hands and head fully into the floral design world. What started as a hobby became a passion in a matter of days. How can you not be in love with these Nature’s most beautiful creations?

I saw cut-and-dried approach to designs that most of the florists offer in Dubai. I failed to find uniqueness as a customer. So I realised it was my turn to change it. I went to World’s Floristry Capital- London, to get an education, inspiration and motivation. Even though the latter was there all the time.

And here we are. 

The Flowerful Project mission is to inspire the ever-growing population of Dubai with unique flower decor. Unique is when you are in the center of creation. We will work on the design of your floral arrangement together to fit your wishes and budgets.

Ever since our launch we’ve experienced tremendous demand. It proves that Dubai’s population is hungry for European floristry. And we are happy to be in the forefront of this.

Thank you for being with us already. Watch this space for the upcoming workshops and more.

I invite you to explore our works on one of the social media channels (Instagram in particular!)

Flowerful regards,
Alisa Sokoliuk
Founder of The Flowerful Project

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