Dubai Flower experiment: How to Make Flowers Last Longer?
Flowers always bring us happiness and vitality feelings. Unfortunately, we all know that cut flowers will last only certain number of days. Obviously, we all want to extend the life of our arrangements, especially considering that fresh flowers in Dubai go a long way before reaching here. So how do we make our flower happiness last longer?

Every day we are dealing with lots of different flowers in our JLT studio. It is really important for us to know what is the best way to keep and take care of them and make their life longer.

So we decided to conduct an experiment – what will be the best way to make the flowers life longer. We used various scientific and domestic ways such as using flower food, soda, etc. We used 7 vases with various fillings:

1. Water, bleach, and sugar;
2. Water and sugar;
3. Water with bleach;
4. Water with aspirin;
5. Water with soda;
6. Water with flower food;
7. Pure water.

We took Gerbera flowers, seven vases and put one stem in each vase. We have observed it for seven days in the room temperature environment without touching anything.

Make flower last longer day 1
After two days everything was good. Only the water in the vase with aspirin changed the color to yellow.
You might be wondering about some specific filling choices. This is because bleach prevents bacteria uprise and sugar is a glucose which nourishes the flowers.
Make flowers last longer day 2
On Day 3 we had observed that the flower in the vase with bleach+ sugar and bleach only started to fade, but the rest remained good.  
Make flowers last longer day 3
Make flowers last longer day 4
The blossoms of some of the flowers became tired after 5 days, especially the flower in the vase with bleach and aspirin. The petals were burned on the ends but all other Gerberas in vases were good and still strong. 
We continued our experiment up to seven days and the real winner was the simplest option despite all the other efforts; pure water. The second spot was divided between the vase with flower food and the vase with sugar. This makes sense because flower food is mostly sugar.  
Make flowers last longer day 6 
Make flowers last longer day 7
We always advise our online flower delivery customers to change the water every 2-3 days. During our experiment, we didn’t do so, but on the 7th day we changed the water in the vase with pure water and that Gerbera stayed up to 10 days.  
So next time you get your flower delivery in Dubai just put them in the clean vase with water and change it every 2-3 days, due to the fresh water change this bouquet will stay much longer and will deliver much more happiness. 

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